Thursday, 31 March 2011

Seal Slaughter - How you can help

Just visited the PETA website and read the story about the seal slaughter. Basically around this time of year harp seals migrate down to the coast of Canada from Greenland to give birth. During this time hundreds of thousands of seals are literally beaten to death for their fur and baby seals stand almost no chance of escaping this. Some of them are skinned alive, their eyes are hooked to drag them etc. All in all this inhuman practice should be put to an end.  On the upside the latest article on the website states that the demand for these products has decreased because of the ban on seal products by the U.S and the European union as well as Canadian supporters.

Please visit this link where you will find a composed letter that you could edit and forward to all your friends and family. This absurd inhuman practice needs to stop. No living creature deserves to be slaughtered like this so we should all do our part at trying to help!

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