Thursday, 26 May 2011

LUSH Lip Tint - it started with a kiss

♥ We love the warm red tint it leaves and don't think the after picture really shows off how pretty the colour is. 
Another great thing is that it works perfectly well in case your out and need it to double up as your blush. 
♥ One of us likes the texture because unlike most other lip stains it's not liquid but cream based. While one of us thinks the texture is still too hard and not emollient at all.
♥ It apparently has a few flavours mixed in it but all we can taste is possibly a tad bit of cinnamon and no white chocolate etc.

Overall we just like LUSH and love the colour but aren't sure if we'd repurchase it. 


  1. I love lush! :] Pretty color as well! :]

  2. mmm nice!! From where did you buy it?

    Have a nice weekend, honey!


  3. love ur blog! love ur style

  4. I like Lush products they always smell so nice. I haven't used their lip tint before, might give it a go next time I'm in one of their stores! :)


  5. I love LUSH! In particular, the philosophy of the company. I'm just addicted to their bath products.

  6. I can't see it clearly the tint effect on your lips.. but I guess it's the camera fault. I bet it looks lovely!

  7. Funnily enough the texture does LOOK a little hard, just judging from the photograph.

    I do love Lush stuff in general so this was an interesting review.

  8. I find Lush hit and miss, I really don't like the cream based lip balms I find them quite drying yet one the other hand the wax ones are amazing!

  9. wow that product works wonders. i must get my hands on it!

  10. @ MM
    Bought it at the LUSH store.


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