Friday, 22 April 2011

Spring Shoe Trends: Colour Blocked Shoes

Colour Blocking isn't just big in clothes this spring. Colour Blocked shoes are perfect for turning a simple outfit into a more sophisticated look. The Aldo shoes are a more neutral take while the Zaras are vibrant and edgy.


  1. such great shoes!! i want a pair of colorful wedges

  2. i just bought the Zara ones^ I adore them! Ah, lovely blog!
    x, Jesa

  3. Black always goes well with everything <3

  4. i saw those aldo sandals in their window display and they are so adorable!

    those zara sandals are very cute too though...i love the vibrant colors!

  5. I love allll the shoes!!!
    Thanks for your lovelly comments!!
    i'm gonna follow you too!!
    xoxo JoID

  6. Yummmmmmy, I love them all! :)



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