Friday, 15 April 2011

Review - Sally Girl (Gunmetal Grey)

This gunmetal grey colour is perfect for those who find black nail polish too dark. This colour could put you right in your 'colour comfort zone'. It's a lot more sultry than your regular silver or black nail polishes.

This Sally girl mini would be perfect because of its price and size if your not to sure about that colour and just want to try it out. The only down side so far is that they chip off pretty quickly and because of that I have three coats of it on in the pictures while just two are necessary. I haven't been using a top coat so with a good top coat I'm sure it would stay in place better!
Click here to see a few other colours by sally girl and the numbers on the bottles since they don't have names on them.


  1. It looks great. I'm wondering how good it works with konad =)

  2. I've never tried konad but it might just work!


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